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Producting Zinc sacrificial anodes, drive shafts, machine elements and devices

Since 1975, we have been producing nautical equipment, such as zinc anodes, propeller shafts with corresponding non-rusting steal fittings, as well as other machine elements and devices.

We offer zinc anodes of all kinds and sizes (including spare parts for certain engines such as Volvo, Mercruiser, Yanmar, BMW, etc), made according to the American Standard ASTM B-418 Type 1 and the American Military Standard MIL-A-18001.

A part of our programme consists also of manufacturing stuffing boxes or systems, shaft or propeller struts made of high quality non - rusting steal (W.Nr. 1.4462, W.Nr. 1.4571, W.Nr. 1.4580), above and under-water fittings, water and fuel inlets, exhaust outlets, and other elements.

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Vinje 122
1262 Dol pri Ljubljani


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Fax: 01 5647 392